All Series Turkish TV Series – Second Spring

Turkish TV Series – Second Spring



Original Title: Ikinci Bahar

English Title: Second Spring

Also Known As:

Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy

Episodes: 37

Broadcast Network: ATV

Broadcast Period: October 29, 1998 – January 2001

Production Company: Erler Film

Director: Ugur Yucel, Orhan Oguz, Turkan Derya

Screen Writer: Sulhi Dolek


Ali Haydar (Sener Sen) is a kebab-master from Antep which is a city in the east of Turkey. After losing his wife, he gives all his attention to his three daughters. He has a simple life with his kebab-restaurant. One day, he meets Hanim (Turkan Soray) and reluctantly hires her as a dishwasher. Hanim is a tough, stubborn and forceful woman. She is a widow too and has a daughter and a son. A profound love story begins in the kebab restaurant. Although there are many obstacles in front of their ways, Ali Haydar and Hanim show us that hope does not end.