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6 July 2022 03:17


Fine criticism to Fikret Kuşkan about the Elkızı series!

Master actor Fikret Kuşkan took the lead role in the TV series Zalim Istanbul, which was broadcast on the last Kanal D screen. The actress, who was not in the final of the series, did not want to go to the set due to the pandemic and there was a small crisis.

Maybe the pandemic process continues, but Fikret Kuşkan decided to take part in the sets and agreed with the production named Elkızı. The first episode of the Fox TV series, which continues to be shot in Muğla, has been broadcast. The story of the series, which achieved average rates in the ratings, was criticized for its violence against women.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, also made an evaluation stating that the series has a very popular story, especially in Latin America.

The expressions of screaming women, sadistic and womanizing rich father, a loser daughter, a fortune-seeking woman, a stupid grandmother were quoted from a criticism for the series.

While Sina Koloğlu included this comment from a viewer in her article, he also made a reference to Fikret Kuşkan.

Born in 1956, Fikret Kuşkan is one of the favorite names of the audience with his high performance, awards and prestige.

Sina Koloğlu also made the following criticism in his article by referring to this situation:

“It is watched in the head in Latin countries. Even Spanish paid soap operas become its customers. Fikret Kuşkan wants to say, “We know how to play in art, but do I need to make a living?”

It can also be deduced from this interpretation that Sina Koloğlu did not understand why Fikret Kuşkan took part in this project.

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