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7 July 2022 01:30


For Berk Atan, Gönül Dağı is more than just a TV show!

The Gönül Dağı series, which is broadcast on the TRT1 screen, has started its second season. After the first season, which lasted for 30 episodes, the crew of the series appeared before their fans once again last Saturday.

Starting the second season with the 31st episode, the series’ first place in all categories drew attention as a very important rating success. The return of the series, which achieved similar success many times in the first season, was at the top again, which was meaningful in terms of showing the strong support of the audience.

The actors of the series participated in TRT Main News before the broadcast and gave some messages about the new period. Berk Atan, the leading actor, stated that being in a TV series with social messages was a very positive point for him, and said that they are very sincere and do a job in life.

Explaining that the life in the series carries traces from the lives of many people and that he grew up with the neighborhood culture, Berk Atan also touched on the dreams of young people.

Berk Atan said that he felt that he was in life as the story of the series greatly affected the society.

“Young people are trying to do something on their own terms. They are trying to come out of their shells. Of course, we see that we give this motivation to people. We read the comments. People who come to the set say, ‘I liken Taner to myself, I liken Veysel to myself, I liken Ramadan to myself’. This provides happiness and motivation as an actor. Because you are in your life. You’re not doing any plastic work. You are doing a natural, sincere job. Naturally, it makes me happy.”

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