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29 May 2022 04:22


For Deniz Can Aktaş, his new series can bring a career leap!

Fans of the series, who have been hearing the name Deniz Can Aktaş frequently lately, will hear it even more with the Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor), who will meet with the audience on Friday evenings. The young actor, who is a partner with Hazal Subaşı, came to the fore as a very good series couple with Ahsen Eroğlu in the series Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) last season.

Deniz Can Aktaş’s starring in an influential TV series like Kasaba Doktoru after Menajerimi Ara, which is of great importance for his career, points to a very important success. The actor made himself accepted in the industry and managed to take the lead role in the series that TRT1 had great expectations.

In the series, in which Ozan Akbaba gives life to the main character, you will watch two young actors in the role of Ömer and Leyla, who are at least as influential as him. It is curious how Deniz Can Aktaş and Hazal Subaşı will harmonize and how the audience will greet them. However, it was revealed with the trailers that the fans of the series have already been impressed by these two.

The great interest of the audience for the doctor series recently increases the potential of the Kasaba Doktoru project to come to the fore. It is expected that this series will stand out as a good job for the two young actors in their career journeys.

Deniz Can Aktaş will impress the audience of ‘Kasaba Doktoru’ with his young and idealistic Doctor Ömer role!

Deniz Can Aktaş, one of the leading actors of the series, which will tell the story of three idealist doctors whose paths cross in Uluçınar Hospital, far from the city, is on the oppressed side of the story. The encounter of the character of Ömer, who lost his father years ago, with Leyla will change her life a lot.

A brave and stubborn character, Ömer is a young doctor who decided to become a doctor after losing his father and has distinguished himself as a doctor with a bright future thanks to his love for his profession.

Ömer, who finds himself in Uluçınar Hospital as a result of the events he has experienced, is involved in a story that will completely change his life, together with Leyla, whom he falls in love with, and master surgeon Hakan.

Deniz Can Aktaş’s position in the story is very good and he showed that he will act successfully, even in the short scenes in the trailers. Fans are looking forward to the character of Ömer, who is a candidate to be one of the unforgettable roles for the actor.

There are also very influential names in the cast of the Kasaba Doktoru series, which will be broadcast every Friday evening from April 8th.

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