Series News For Kadir Doğulu, the series Gecenin Ucunda gave the opportunity to see a great truth!

For Kadir Doğulu, the series Gecenin Ucunda gave the opportunity to see a great truth!


Famous actor Kadir Doğulu continues his career journey with the TV series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night), which is broadcast on Star TV on Tuesday evenings. Kadir Doğulu, who was in the lead role of the same project with his wife Neslihan Atagül, followed a very different strategy as the production partner of the series.

Adapted from Peride Celal’s powerful story of the same name, the TV series Gecenin Ucunda unfortunately did not receive the expected attention in the ratings. After the rating problem that appeared in the first episodes of the series, Kadir Doğulu asked for support from the public and later announced that he found this support.

However, the ratings of the series have been so low lately that it would normally be expected that Star TV would make an early finale to the project. However, as a result of the agreement, the latest 21st episode of the series, which was decided to stay on the screen for 26 episodes, came to the screen.

It is understood from the reflections on the social media that the series attracts more attention abroad. It is evaluated that the project can last for 1 season due to its overseas sales. However, according to Kadir Doğulu, it was always designed as a 26-part project from the beginning.

Kadir Doğulu, who admitted that the last 5 episodes of the series Gecenin Ucunda, which will be published, did not receive enough attention in Turkey, is satisfied with the interest shown abroad and the result achieved.

Realizing that if there is a good story, it can attract great attention abroad, the actor used the following statements in his statement:

“We did not make a final decision in the series. 26 episodes were being planned, of course, if the ratings had gone well in Turkey, maybe it would have changed. We do a work that is showcased and we want it to be appreciated. There’s also trade. In this sense, it was successful. Maybe television viewers in Turkey may have felt like they didn’t see what was so desired. It has found a place in the world and in the international arena, we are very happy for it.”