For My Sun - Poyraz Karayel | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series)
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For My Sun – Poyraz Karayel | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series) Analysis – The starring Musa Uzunlar, İlker Kaleli and Burçin Terzioğlu’s ‘Poyraz Karayel’ series (other name: For My Sun), with their stories of love and hatred, friendship and enmity, goodness and evil are at the far end, with their ratings while setting up the throne in the hearts. always played to the top. İlker Kaleli gained a great reputation thanks to this series and was also very popular with his different style.

While Burçin Terzioğlu and İlker Kaleli carried their love in the series to real life, they also decorated the magazine headlines of the newspapers. The famous couple ended their relationship in September 2019 after a 3.5-year partnership. İlker Kaleli showed his musician identity with his wonderful interpretation with the songs he sang in the series. Celil Nalçakan, who peaked in acting with the character Zülfikar, played in the series, reached the peak of his popularity. Little actor Ataberk Mutlu also won the Golden Butterfly with the best child actor award.


Channel: Channel D

Producer: Limon Yapım-Hayri Aslan

Genre: Love, Drama, Comedy, Crime TV drama

Release Date: January 7, 2015

End Date: March 1, 2017

Location: Istanbul

Number of episodes: 82

Number of Seasons: 3

Duration: 100-150 minutes

Music: Alpay Göltekin

Starring: İlker Kaleli, Burçin Terzioğlu, Musa Uzunlar

Cast: Ali İl, Ata Berk Mutlu, Cem Cücenoğlu, Celil Nalçakan, Görkem Arslan, Ece Özdikici, Gülçin Hatihan, İsmail Düvenci, İdil Fırat, Hare Sürel,

Emirhan Akbaba, Emel Çölgeçen, Murat Daltaban, Ceren Çağatay, Emir Çiçek,

Özkan Uğur, Ozan Akbaba, İlker Aksum, Tolga Güleç, Azra Akın, Fırat Çelik

Writer: Ethem Özışık

Director: Çağrı Vila Lostuvalı (1-62), Osman Taşcı (63-82)


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It is a story in which love and hate, friendship and hostility, kindness and malignity are lived on the edge. Poyraz Karayel is a former police officer who is suspended unjustly because of a crime that he didn’t commit. He loses everything he cares for; his family, his job, his wife and his son. He hits rock bottom.

While he desperately tries to find a way to take his son from his father-in-law, Poyraz’s old chief Mümtaz makes him an offer. In this offer, he is supposed to get into a godfather named Bahri Umman’s service and provide information to the chief. Poyraz has nothing to do but to accept this offer. In the meantime, he meets a girl named Ayşegül.

Because Poyraz is the master of getting himself into a trouble, he manages to get Ayşegül into a trouble as well. Ayşegül and Poyraz liked each other since the moment that they saw each other for the first time. However, love seems impossible for these two hurt, tired and lonely people. The reason for this is that Ayşegül is the daughter of Bahri Umman and Poyraz has to keep his mission a secret from Ayşegül.


Poyraz Karayel’s house with its famous wall stands out in his famous house, Kadıköy. You can reach the building located in the village Kadıköy Yeldeğirmeni İskele street by walking a little from Kemal Atatürk High School. Maybe you can see one of Poyraz’s famous words on the wall of the building and smell the flowers on the glass of the house where the Cevher colonel character, played by İsmail Düvenci, sits right on the wall.

Another curious location of the series is Bahri Umman’s mansion. This mansion is located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul, with a large tugra drawing at the entrance and stylish rooms. Located in one of the villages of Beykoz, the mansion is quite remarkable with its large windows and lush garden. In the garden of the house, there are three outbuildings of the series, Zülfikar, Taş Kafa and Sefer, who spent time.

The famous white house of Ayşegül, the main daughter of the series, is in the Kalamış district of Istanbul. You can remember the memories of Ayşegül, Poyraz and Sinan, in their words, “dry, pilaf, cacık” in this house by going to number 72 in Kalamış, Münir Nurettin Selçuk street.


Ilker Kaleli-Poyraz Karayel

Burçin Terzioğlu-Ayşegül

Musa Uzunlar-Bahri

Ali İl- Sadreddin

Ata Berk Mutlu-Sinan

Cem Cücenoğlu-Taş Kafa

Celil Nalçakan-Zülfikar

Görkem Arslan-Kanbolat

Ece Özdikici- Songül

Gülçin Hatihan-Ümran

İsmail Düvenci-Cevher

İdil Fırat- Despina

Hare Sürel-Meltem

Emirhan Vulture- İsa

Emel Çölgeçen- Sema

Murat Daltaban-Mumtaz

Ceren Çağatay- Aslı

Emir Cicek-Sevket

Özkan Uğur- İsmail

Ozan Akbaba-Taner

İlker Aksum-Çınar

Tolga Gulec-Neset

Azra Akın-Çiğdem

Fırat Çelik-Mete


Poyraz Karayel was a very impressive series. It reached a huge fan base. Many scenes of the series created an event on social media. Millions of people ran after the series. We prepared some impressive scenes from the series for you.

‘My Story Is Not Over’ from Poyraz to Ayşegül…

İlker Kaleli interpreted Müslüm Gürses’ ‘I couldn’t forget’ song …

Celil Nalçakan performed the legendary song of Ahmet Kaya, “Keeping the Pain”.

The series, Ayşegül’s death scene, said goodbye to the screens with Poyraz’s tears.


The generic music of Poyraz Karayel, signed by musician Alpay Göltekin, broke records on the internet.


You can watch both impressive scenes, music and all episodes on the youtube channel opened for Poyraz Karayel series.

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