Keremcem's Alp Navruz sharing reminded him of his old words!
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28 January 2023 13:58


Keremcem’s Alp Navruz sharing reminded him of his old words!

Keremcem and Alp Navruz are two powerful names that make a great contribution to the projects they take part in and bring them to the agenda… Both continue their successful careers. Keremcem focused on music studies after Love and Secrets series made the final. Alp Navruz is happy to take part in a successful project like Zümrüdüanka.

Many people also know how close friends the two famous names are. The fact that they were two actors of the same management company also paved the way for their acquaintance. Keremcem drew attention in November 2019 with the announcement made by Onedio in his program.

When asked how they met, Keremcem said, “We are two players of the same management company. We meet from there. I am not happy to meet with Alp. Because it is not something that I like to be in the same frame or environment with the more handsome men than me. ”

Keremcem, who loved Alp Navruz very much and praised him for being more handsome than himself, made a share again today.

Keremcem used the term “brotherhood” in English while the happy mood of the two attracted attention.

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