The disease that Songül Öden learned years later!
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25 March 2023 00:24


The disease that Songül Öden learned years later!

Songül Öden was the guest of the program called İbrahim Selim and Tonight on YouTube. The actress first stated that she was in first grade in elementary school. That is why Songül Öden explained that she was very embarrassed even in her childhood and that she did not read the Cin Ali elementary school book series….

Songül Öden explained the details about why she stayed in the first year. Explaining that she learned that she had dyslexia years later, she said that she had a hard time in primary school. Therefore, the actress who hates the Cin Ali book series stated that she can still read by putting her hand when she reads something.

Here are the words of Songül Öden about her dyslexia disease:

“I hated the Cin Ali book series as a reaction when I stayed in the first grade. Should I be ashamed, I don’t know. I was ashamed then. I was in the first year of class. Actually like this. I learned that I had dyslexia at an advanced age. Someone with dyslexia has an adaptation problem.

Because another kind of learning ability needs to be developed. But since it is not there, I still put my hand while reading.

At that time, the inspector had come to the class. Primary school was angry with my teacher, why she was reading with her hand… The teacher was also angry with me.”

Dyslexia disease is one of the rarely seen diseases in the community and is known as a learning disability among the public. However, dyslexia is not a learning disability, it is a learning disorder as opposed to known and has nothing to do with mental retardation.

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