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2 July 2022 14:33


For Sude Zülal Güler, she can say the word “smile to your destiny” right now!

Young actress Sude Zülal Güler took part in the series Çınar in 2013 and became a remarkable name with the Mayıs Kraliçesi (May Queen) series. In addition to her role as Ayşe Sultan in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem (Magnificent Century Kösem) TV series, she also took part in the movie Kesif.

The most important and dramatic breakthrough in the young actress’s career took place in 2020. The actress, who took the lead role in the TV series Şeref Sözü with Tolgahan Sayışman, broke new ground.

The actress, who became the leading role for the first time, met with a very important partner such as Tolgahan Sayisman in this series. However, the project lasted only 4 episodes, and this was the actress’s first leading role unlucky.

Then, the actress, who took the lead role in the romantic comedy series “Kazara Aşk” (Accidental Love), which was broadcast during the summer season, was once again disappointed in the ratings.

Because Star TV management wanted to extend the series, Kazara Aşk, which lasted 13 episodes, was a low-rated production, but it was a project that also entertained the audience.

For the fans of Sude Zülal Güler, who also took part in the digital series named Öğrenci Evi (Student House), Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Destiny) was a very important series. Because she could have made the expected debut as a leading role on behalf of the actress in this project. But again it didn’t happen. When the ratings of the series were low, it was decided by Fox TV to make the finale in the 5th episode on May 25.

Sude Zülal Güler could not smile at her destiny in any of the projects in which she was the lead… Now, the word “smile to your destiny” has remained in mind as a meaningful word for the actress…

The young actress, who has a good rapport with Bahar Şahin and has a couple with her male partner Doğan Bayraktar on social media, will now have to try her luck with new projects for her career start.

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