Forget romantic comedies, Burcu Özberk's new role will shake her fans deeply!
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2 April 2023 08:27


Forget romantic comedies, Burcu Özberk’s new role will shake her fans deeply!

Burcu Özberk stands out as the first actress that comes to mind when romantic comedy projects are made by the producers. The actress, who achieved very successful results in the TV series Afili Aşk and Aşk Mantık İntikam, was also very successful in the movie series called Bayram Şekeri, in which 5 versions were shot.

The actress, who is preparing to take part in the Kanal D project named Kraliçe (Queen), which is now prominent as a drama series, will soon start working on the set with her partner Gökhan Alkan. You will watch the actress in a completely different character in the Kraliçe series, in which Gonca Vuslateri and Özgün Karaman are also in the cast.

The actress will play a strong female character in the series, where she is very impressed by her story. It is obvious that the new series will add a lot to Burcu Özberk as a woman who organizes her family, shows dedication and is reliable.

After her romantic comedy productions, this time the actress seems to surprise everyone with her character as a woman whose faith was destroyed by a big event and who rebuilds herself and her life after her responsibility to her father.

Although the story of the Kraliçe series, which is adapted from the American TV series Queen Sugar, has not been fully explained, in the original story, three siblings who live different lives are reunited after their father’s death.

Together with the family business of planting the sugar cane field, these three brothers will be thrown into a great struggle and a new life.

The Kraliçe series is also expected to appear in front of the audience with a scenario similar to the original story. In this new story, Burcu Özberk will represent the female power as a female character who gathers her family and gives them strength.

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