Series News Fox TV has a series that is undecided about the finale!

Fox TV has a series that is undecided about the finale!

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Fox TV has already been determined as the most unlucky channel of this season. The channel management, which could not get what it wanted in terms of series, had to make final decisions one after another. Fox TV had prepared with 11 series at the beginning of the season. However, 3 series have made finals so far and the final decision has been made for the fourth series.

Uzak Şehrin Masalı, Son Yaz, Yalancılar ve Mumları are no longer on the screen. As of the sixth episode, the new series called Elbet Bir Gün will take its place on the screen for the last time on Sunday, December 12. It is a big problem for the channel management that these serials do not keep up despite important productions, important actors and remarkable productions.

There are also TV series on which Fox TV is undecided. The first of these is the production named Elkızı. The series, which aired on Saturday evenings, received below-average ratings, but Fox TV did not take a step to cancel this production immediately. The ratings of the series remained at a certain level, neither an increase in viewership nor a serious decrease.

Those who like the drama story of the TV series Elkızı go to the screen on Saturday evenings. The audience is also anxiously waiting for the series starring Sevda Erginci, İsmail Ege Şaşmaz and Perihan Savaş.

Fox TV has an attitude of immediately canceling the TV shows when they receive low ratings. Lastly, we saw this with the final decision after the 3rd episode of the series named “Elbet Bir Gün”. Despite the series ending in a row, Elkızı continues to resist.

Elkızı fans are also eagerly awaiting the 6th episode, which will be broadcast on Saturday, November 27. The new trailer, accompanied by Sezen Aksu’s song, is quite impressive. It will be the surprise of the new episode that Harun proposes to Ezo.