Fox TV is actually tripping on its own with its new series strategy!
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30 September 2022 08:56


Fox TV is actually tripping on its own with its new series strategy!

Fox TV entered the new season with 11 TV series. No other channel has started the season with so many series. However, we see that the strategy that the channel started last season continues this season. So we have to ask, has the strategy really worked since last year?

How right is it to make back-to-back deals for more TV series before the season and start shooting them in the same period? Fox TV shows this step much more strongly in the new season. There are many series that fell victim to this strategy in the past year. Especially TV series such as Bay Yanlış, Öğretmen, Çocukluk, Savaşçı, Masumiyet actually fell victim to this strategy. Because these series were the victims of planning mistakes and the untrustworthy policy of the channel kidnapped the audience.

Fox TV produces very good series, but the viewers are now allergic to the channel’s series strategy. Because everyone knows that the channel management will not support a production under any circumstances, even if it has a very good story, if the ratings are low.

For example, Masumiyet was such a project… Bay Yanlış was also qualified to do a lot of work abroad. Öğretmen and Çocukluk series were actually spent projects. Savaşçı, on the other hand, fell victim to planning and some other mistakes after 4 seasons of success.

Even if it is a very good series, the audience is hesitant when the broadcaster is Fox TV. Because if things go bad after connecting to a drama, the channel management immediately uses the takedown card… So it doesn’t give any opportunity.

The first victim of this strategy this season was Uzak Şehrin Masalı series. The final decision for the production in the 3rd episode shocked everyone. The story, in which important names such as Aslıhan Gürbüz, Barış Kılıç, Timur Acar and Begüm Birgören took the leading roles, is in the final surprise before it can even explain itself…

As of the fifth episode, the series will end. Instead, either Elkızı or Elbet Bir Gün will begin. However, everyone knows well that these two series are hard to hold against the Teşkilat, which ensures the loyalty of the audience on Sunday evenings, and the Yargı, which debuted very well.

Fox TV, which made a sudden final decision for Uzak Şehrin Masalı, will make similar decisions for the new series to be broadcast. Anyway, there are other series available. However, no one is aware of the feeling of the audience.

A person who wants to watch a series on Fox TV will first sit in front of the screen with the psychology that the channel will not own the project and if it gets bad ratings, it will be removed from the broadcast in a short time. Maybe that’s why many people won’t want to watch it.

For Fox TV, the rating can be anything, but for the viewers of the series, connecting to the productions of the channel poses a great risk.

This strategy was implemented last year and what is left for this season? Son Yaz, who barely got the second season ticket with the Yasak Elma, which started the fifth season. How many of the new series brought to the screen this season, do you think, can continue for 2 or more seasons?

Many TV series fans will ask this question. Anyone find the answer?

In fact, the one-sentence summary of our analysis is as follows:

Fox TV’s new series strategy is not actually a strategy, because it cannot be a strategy to produce many alternatives and then spend them one by one to complete the season and not see the audience lose their trust while making many new series preparation shows every season.

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