Fox TV made its new attack with Gökhan Keser!
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9 February 2023 14:49


Fox TV made its new attack with Gökhan Keser!

Gökhan Keser returns to the sets after years! Famous singer and actor Gökhan Keser stayed away from the sets after 2018. Bringing two professions together, Keser will soon show himself on the sets again.

Arbil Tamur will be the leading partner of Gökhan Keser, who received an offer from the movie “Yalan Aşk” prepared for Fox TV.

The cast of the movie directed by Günay Günaydın has been clarified. Gökhan Keser will portray the character of Ferit in the project. Arbil Tamur will appear in front of the audience as Belgin.

You will watch Salih Güney, who takes part in the project, as Sami. Other names and roles are as follows:

Metin Yıldırım (Fikret),
Müge Coskun (Hülya),
Vural Yayan (Orhan),
Belma Memati (Nermin)

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