Full support from actress Melis Sezen to her former co-star Tarık Emir Tekin
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2 December 2022 22:48


Full support from actress Melis Sezen to her former co-star Tarık Emir Tekin

The new series, Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale), starring Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin, was released on Fox TV on Wednesday, September 28.

The story of the character of ‘Zeynep’ (Alina Boz), who became rich with the money she found, and whose life went to a completely different point, brought together those who had similar dreams on the Fox TV screen.

The series, in which Tarık Emir Tekin gave life to the character of Businessperson “Onur”, received good reactions on social media with its first episode. The partnership and harmony of Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin was impressive. The audience, who wanted the project to be long-term, also shared their support on social media.

Tarık Emir Tekin, who took a side role with the character of “Selçuk” in the TV series “Sadakatsiz” (Unfaithful), which made the finale last season, appeared in front of the audience as the leading role in the series “Bir Peri Masalı”.

Melis Sezen, her co-star in Tarık Emir Tekin’s TV series Sadakatsiz, also supported her former co-star in her new series.

Sezen shared the poster of the Bir Peri Masalı series on her social media account and wished the team good luck and wrote, “I love you, the whole team, may your path be bright, my heart is with you”.

On the other hand, the fans of the series, who stated that they watched the first episode of Bir Peri Masalı without getting bored, shared comments that they were waiting for the new episodes with curiosity.

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