Furkan Andıç’s most important red line in life!
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2 December 2022 04:55


Furkan Andıç’s most important red line in life!

Furkan Andıç, who gave life to the character of Ateş in the Romance Next Door series, answered the questions of Milliyet newspaper. The famous actor, who expressed his views about male violence in these days when the allegations that Ozan Güven battered his ex-lover Deniz Bulutsuz, were on the agenda.

Furkan Andıç stated that this issue, which has been on the agenda for a long time, is now more remarkable, said: “Everyone should put their hands under the stone for this issue. I think resorting to violence is a vile complex, no matter who. It is a big lame that the strong think he has won. It is unfounded to cut the bill for this to the mothers. Of course, raising conditions are pioneers in the formation of one’s character, but not the only factor. We are now in an age of information and access. This is a period in which we can learn and be sensitive and aware of almost everything in life before it happens to us. So I grew up like that, I don’t know, it’s no longer acceptable. ”

Explaining that everybody should respect each other in order to become a developed society, Furkan Andıç stated that this is the only way to overcome this violence.

Expressing that the violence has a red line, the young actor said: “Nobody has the right to do this to anyone. This is a red line. We 3 brothers grew up in the same house or even in the same room. We grew up with love and love, violence never took place in our family. This is not something that seeks socio-economic or cultural difference. Love, respect and understanding. I am one of the lucky ones. ”

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