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5 July 2022 13:01


Get ready for a bad surprise in the Kalp Yarası series!

Kalp Yarası, one of the popular series of ATV screens, continues on its way with impressive episodes. The drama project of the summer screen attracted great attention. The shooting of Kalp Yarası, which achieved good ratings, continues in Antakya. Fans of the series are also eagerly awaiting each new episode.

The performance of the first 4 episodes of Kalp Yarası was very good. The duo of Yağmur Tanrısevsin and Gökhan Alkan enchanted the fans. The ratings of the series are also good and the interest of the audience is increasing day by day. There are important developments in the new episode of the series, which also receives strong interactions on social media.

Ayşe will admit for the first time that her marriage to Ferit is not real. Many viewers think that because Ayşe starts to fall in love with Ferit, she will resort to such a confession and try to break up with him. So what will happen in the 5th new episode? Here is both the summary information and the trailer from the 5th new episode of the Kalp Yarası series, which will be broadcast on ATV on Monday, August 2 at 20.00:

Ayşe has feelings for Ferit that she has trouble hiding and cannot even admit to herself. She cannot cope with her jealousy and tells Ferit that she wants a divorce. Ferit, on the other hand, has doubts about Ayşe’s life, which he promised not to ask questions.

The return of Sinan’s old love, Ebru, to Hatay causes confusion. Moreover, due to the friendship of their children Müge and Cenk, the two former lovers have to come together even though they do not want to. Ebru’s return puts Leman on a dead end.

Hande, who does not give up on Ferit, engages in a dangerous game. Hande’s act falls like a bomb in Sancakzade Mansion.

On the other hand, Ayşe realizes that the house game that started with mutual agreement has become reality.

Ferit’s feelings for Ayşe outweigh. However, a nasty surprise awaits them.

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