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6 July 2022 09:16


From the series of Kardeşlerim, the departing is certain, the incoming is certain, the set is starting!

The new season of Kardeşlerim series, which met with the audience on ATV screens on Saturday evenings last season, is eagerly awaited. The first season of the series, which lasted 19 episodes, attracted a lot of attention. Influencing a wide audience,Kardeşlerim will again impress in its second season as a strong drama story.

It was revealed that in addition to the names leaving the series, new characters will also join. Some changes to the story were also on the agenda. All these developments are happening one by one and the preparations for the second season of the series Kardeşlerim are coming to the final stage… It has become clear that Çağla Şimşek, whom we watch as Ayşe, will no longer be in the series. Şimşek’s fans were very upset about this situation.

There are those who think that Ayşe’s departure will lead to heartbreak, especially in terms of Ömer’s character. Another love step of Ömer, whose name is “Ayran volunteer”, will be inconclusive with the departure of Ayşe character. Yiğit Koçak is expected to come to the fore even more in the second season in the character of Ömer.

It was revealed that Esila Umut, who appeared as İpek in the latest Akrep series, also participated in the series Kardeşlerim. In the new season, new characters enter the story, but no information has been shared about who will play them.

In addition, preparations for the second season of the series Kardeşlerim are about to end. There are expectations that the series team will go to the set in the next 3-5 days. The fact that the series team will start the second season early indicates that new episodes will be released in September.

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