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5 July 2022 17:36


Can Yaman does not find himself as handsome as everyone says

Famous actor Can Yaman is an actor who is always in the spotlight with his physical features. However, his choice would be to have his talents seen…

Can Yaman believes in the classic philosophy: “If I had been born ugly, everyone would have noticed my talent.”

The famous actor does not use a filter when sharing his photo on Instagram. In fact, when he does interviews, he does not ask journalists to correct his photographs.

You might think that he has high self-esteem. However, Can Yaman cares more about being natural. Many fans find Can Yaman very handsome.

The famous actor, on the other hand, showed that he has a modest personality with his answer to the question asked about it.

Can Yaman said: “If there weren’t other people talking to me about my handsomeness, I wouldn’t remember it, because I definitely don’t spend my time looking in the mirror. But one thing is for sure: I don’t see myself as handsome as others see me. My life revolves around commitment and it’s definitely not superficiality.”

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