Get ready for new shocks in The Ambassador's Daughter
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30 November 2022 09:43


Get ready for new shocks in The Ambassador’s Daughter

The Ambassador’s Daughter, broadcast on Star TV, continues to welcome the audience with new shocks every week. It is also understood from the trailer that there will be very surprising developments in the 31st episode, which will be released tonight. Why Nare suddenly put his ring in Sancar’s hand and made such a decision after saying “I will not marry Sancar” is awaited with curiosity.

However, it seems that Gediz’s hand will also touch this issue! The situation that Gediz, who is fighting with Sancar in everyone, is transforming gradually does not make the audience happy at all. Especially one scene in the trailer attracts great attention.

While it is seen that Nare, whom Gediz fell in love with, has plans to reject Sancar with her wedding gown, it is also a matter of curiosity how she will bring her to this point. The new developments in the popular series of Monday evenings are an indication that we will wait longer for the reunion between Sancar and Nare!

However, what happened after overcoming all these obstacles Nare gave up, we will watch and see tonight. But it seems that The Ambassador’s Daughter series will continue to surprise with unexpected moves at the very moment that is called “now it is okay”!

The state in which Gediz Işıklı, the symbol of goodness, transformed in the series, cannot be accepted by the audience, and it is not accepted that it is so bad! But it is obvious that the screenwriters spent the character out of sight to dissuade the audience who wanted the love of Gediz and Nare from him!

Gediz is now on the way to becoming a worse man than he could be, due to the reactions to Sancar and his acceptance of Gediz. Where will he lead the series as it is, is a great curiosity!

We will see what Gediz did to change the marriage plans of Sancar and Nare or what obstacles stood before the legendary love in the new episode …

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