Series News For My Girls tv series 13 episodes could continue

For My Girls tv series 13 episodes could continue


Channel D’s another knee, unfortunately For My “irls, was unable to hold on to the screen and the early final decision came.

For My Girls, Fikret Kuşkan and Tuvana Türkay, who are in the lead roles, the series will say farewell to the audience in the 13th episode on the Channel D screen at 23.30 on Tuesday, February 27th.

What will happen to my girls in the final of the series?

Here is the final section trailer:


Yasar makes his hand in order to win back the Huma. When Huma finally wants to return home, she tells her that the one who killed Zubair’s mother is alive.

The little girl is miserable in the face of this heavy truth. And once again the patient is removed. Yaşar and Zubeyir are again confronted. On the other side, together with Sumru Egemen, it sails towards freedom and the future. Of course there are many obstacles waiting for them.

Will two lovers be able to be happy? What about Kumru? What will happen to Semiha’s death when he says Yağız finally reaches a happy end? Will she be able to possess her love when she is writhing with her conscience?