Series News ‘Meryem’ series is saying goodbye to the audience!

‘Meryem’ series is saying goodbye to the audience!


Kanal D’s talk on Wednesday, which was on display for Meryem, was long talked on social media.

We are told that the Meryem sequence on the screen with the 29th episode of the week we passed will finalize. However, the final date has not yet been clarified by the channel.

Ayşin Turan, Ayşin Turan, Furkan Andıç and Cemal Toktas shared the lead role in the series, and they started to come to the screen during the summer season.

However, Resurrection Ertuğrul can not fight with the array of Meryem, the new series of ATV Tell You Black Sea after the ball went into the fray thoroughly!

It seems that Meryem’s line is also going to the finale when it is understood that this competition can not stand anymore.

Though it is not yet clear information, it is expected to be on the 30th and last part of the index on the evening of February 28th.