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4 July 2022 05:42


The characters who do not die in the Wingless Birds and Meryem series!

Wingless Birds acclaim watched series in Turkey will make the final week.

Another series that followed was Meryem farewell.

There is a remarkable detail in both lines.

In the Wingless Birds series, Cemre’s character returned many times to death.

Cemre’s scene:

Another from Meryem’s line joined the characters who did not die anyway.

In the series, Prosecutor Oktay was the master of the character evil.

He did not die in spite of the fact that he had been in his way.

Caravan crashed to Oktay first, then rose to his feet as if nothing had happened and threw himself down from the cliff..

There was a strange event in the final part.

Prosecutor Oktay has just returned with lost his leg.

At the end of Oktay, the old lover was shot by Beliz and killed.

These two series were spoken to a lot of people who did not die.

Jokes and queues about the series did not fall on the agenda.

The stage in Meryem’s array:

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