Series News Gizem Karaca fans got what they wanted

Gizem Karaca fans got what they wanted


Quarantine sharing of the famous actress Gizem Karaca smiled at her followers. The player now shows signs of boredom. Returning to the screen with the character of Elisa Elif in the Champion series, Gizem Karaca fell apart from the set due to the coronavirus epidemic. The Champion series would be finished by finishing this season, but it is wondering what planning will be in the new situation.

Gizem Karaca later joined the series and her fans were very pleased to see her on this project. Returning to her farm in İzmir and quarantining herself in the middle of natural life, Gizem Karaca started to share her boredom.

The actress showed her followers the last, saying “How many days? Stay at home stay!” The famous actress received many likes and compliments from her fans. The re-start of the series Güzel Köylü was also very pleased with its fans.

Last week, many people pressured the famous actress to re-shoot the series Güzel Köylü. Maybe new editions will not be produced as a result of these pressures, but Star TV will re-publish the old episodes.