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6 July 2022 18:31


Gizem Karaca, who played a role in the Alparslan TV series, broke new ground in her new project.

Famous actress Gizem Karaca appeared on the television screen with the TV series Baraj last season, and this season she started the Alparslan series. The actress, who plays the character Evdokya in Alparslan, which is broadcast on TRT1 on Monday evenings, has another new project.

Gizem Karaca also plays the leading role in Ufuk Bayraktar’s new movie Dayı… The actress attended the premiere of the movie Dayı and made statements. Explaining that they shot in the summer of 2020, the most intense period of the pandemic, the actress stated that they had a difficult time in the heat of Adana.

Gizem Karaca said, “We shot under difficult conditions and it is a movie that I have been waiting for 2 years with great anticipation. For the first time, I am singing with my own voice and playing an artist. I’ve worked hard and I’m excited,” she said.

Gizem Karaca mentioned in her interview that she did not watch the scene where she sings in the movie, and that this was a surprise for her as well.

The actress, who said that she was stubbornly saying “I will say it, I don’t want dubbing” and that she sang with her own voice for the first time, looked very excited at the gala.

Ufuk Bayraktar and Serkan Öztürk co-wrote the story of the action movie Dayı, which was released on Friday, December 10th.

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