Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduç are returning to the screens with Kulüp!
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27 March 2023 12:00


Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduç are returning to the screens with Kulüp!

Popular actors Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduç, both of whom have been away from the screens for a long time, are returning with a bomb project. The shooting of the series Kulüp, which will be broadcast on Netflix, has been completed. It will meet its audience very soon.

Zeynep Günay Tan and Seren Yüce are the directors of the series, which was shot by 03 Medya, which has undertaken the production of many successful projects including Vatanım Sensin, Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün, Küçük Tatlı Yalancılar and Istanbullu Gelin. Its screenplay is written by Necati Şahin, Ayşin Akbulut, Serkan Yörük, Bengü Third and Rana Denizer.

Fırat Tanış and Salih Bademci also play roles in the series starring Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduç, which we watched lastly in Small Murders. It is stated that the series will air in September.

Kulüp’s plot is as follows: Matilda, a former convict, works in one of the most important nightclubs of 1955. Matilda’s daughter, Rasel, is unaware of her existence until her mother is released from prison. Trying to establish a good relationship with her daughter, Matilda tries to keep Rasel away from Pera’s troublemaker, Fistik İsmet. Matilda also tries to fight the egos of her boss Orhan, nightclub manager Çelebi and artist Selim. Matilda, who adds a different spirit to the environment when she sets foot in the club, turns the club, which is hell for employees, into a home.

By the way, Barış Arduç, who we watched in Çukur, is returning to the sets soon for his new series to be broadcast on TRT 1. The series, which will be the continuation of the highly acclaimed Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu series, will cover the period of Sultan Alparslan. Barış Arduç will play Sultan Alparslan in the series.

Barış Arduç started taking lessons such as horse riding and sword riding for the series, which will begin shooting in September.

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