Gökhan Alkan does this all the time, and now he's back with Burcu Özberk!
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2 April 2023 09:03


Gökhan Alkan does this all the time, and now he’s back with Burcu Özberk!

Focusing on his career and generally known for preferring good projects, Gökhan Alkan immediately retreats to his own corner when he finishes a job. You can neither see him in the tabloids nor notice that he is prominent on social media.

Gökhan Alkan, who worked hard for the Kalp Yarası (Heart Wound) series, in which he played the leading role with Yağmur Tanrısevsin, and had a good time in Antakya, which was destroyed by the earthquake today, also retired to his own life after the finale of the project.

Evaluating the projects coming in a 1-year period, the actor will be on Kanal D with hiss new job starting Wednesday, March 22.

13 months after the Kalp Yarası series, which made its finale in February 2022, Gökhan Alkan took the lead role in the new drama series Kraliçe (Queen) this time. After a very good partnership with Yağmur Tanrısevsin, the fans consider it a very nice surprise that the actress embarked on a new adventure with Burcu Özberk.

This time, you will watch it in an influential drama story by Gökhan Alkan. The actor, who generally prefers to take part in drama projects that reveal such strong emotions, accepts the offer after mastering the details of each role.

Gökhan Alkan, who has been working hard for his role, will appear in the Kraliçe series with a character named Ateş, a basketball player. The story of Ateş, who lost the trust of his wife after the scandal he was involved in, seems to impress the audience.

The actor, who started his career in a short role in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century) series in 2012, attracted attention with the character of Tarık in the TV series Kocamın Ailesi. The project in which Gökhan Alkan became famous, who took part in the TV series Seviyor Sevmiyor in 2016-2017, was the TV series called Kalp Atışı, which marked the years 2017 and 2018. Kalp Atışı, a doctor’s series, attracted a lot of attention and Gökhan Alkan gained great popularity after this series.

The TV series Zengin ve Yoksul, Yasak Elma and Kalp Yarası are also listed as the actor’s most recent works.

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