Series News Keremcem’s TV series Başım Belada is really in trouble!

Keremcem’s TV series Başım Belada is really in trouble!


The new series Başım Belada (My Head Is Trouble.), starring Keremcem and Merih Öztürk, comes to the screen on Sunday evenings. Even though Keremcem fans were very happy to see a different project on the screen, the ratings revealed that the audience did not show enough interest in the series.

The project, whose first episode was published last week and which did not receive good ratings, was expected to come forward by increasing the ratings in the second episode.

However, this did not happen. On the contrary, the series lost ratings in all audience groups, falling to very low ratings.

Those who saw the ratings of the series, which ATV put forward as an alternative production on Sunday evenings, did not hesitate to say “My head is trouble for the series, I’m in trouble”.

The series, which was able to take the 16th place on Sunday evening, 12 March in the category of all people, shocked it as 49th in the AB group. Let’s say that the series is in the 23rd place in the ABC1 category.

After these results, which were even worse than the first episode, it began to be wondered how much support ATV would offer for the series.

There is hardly a production in the history of Turkish TV series that can get such low ratings and last a long time, and it can be evaluated that the future is not very bright for the TV series Başım Belada.

In the series in which Merih Öztürk and Yağmur Öztürk stand out as female actors, it was expected that an influential actor like Keremcem would attract more fans to the screen. However, this expectation did not materialize.

You can watch the third new episode of Başım Belada, which includes two famous names such as Umut Oğuz and Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, on the ATV screen on Sunday, March 19th.