Good Day Bad Day's day has been announced
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1 December 2022 12:36


Good Day Bad Day’s day has been announced

The release date of Star TV’s highly anticipated series “Good Day Bad Day”, whose production was signed by O3 Media and starring Elçin Sangu, Ozan Dolunay and Yasemin Allen, has been announced. The drama will meet with the audience on Saturday evenings. So; It rivaled the TV series North Star, Romance Next Door, The Zümrüdüanka and Kalk Gidelim…

It is an important advantage that it is a romantic comedy production but also includes drama in the name of Good Day Bad Day. Because, for the week, there might be a situation like being stuck between very ambitious productions and not being able to show itself. On Saturday, entertainment-oriented structures will take place on the screen and in the preferences of the viewers, Good Day, Bad Day.

The series, which will be addictive with its entertaining narrative and strong names, will meet with the audience on Saturday, September 12. Well, what a series awaits you… The story of Good Day, Bad Day, in which 3 famous names draw a harmonious image, takes place in a love triangle.

On the one hand, Leyla (Elçin Sangu), who had to organize the wedding of the man she was abandoned at the wedding table, on the other hand, is Sarp (Ozan Dolunay), who hides the reason for her departure, and Melisa (Yasemin Allen), who dreams of marriage in the middle of the couple.

The lives of these three people who are knotted together are so confused that it becomes impossible to get out of it as they try to solve it.

Don’t make an appointment to anyone, “Good Day Bad Day” starts on the Star TV on Saturday, September 12th.

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