Good news from the Mezarlık, which came to the fore with its message that draws attention to the murders of women!
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4 December 2022 05:57


Good news from the Mezarlık, which came to the fore with its message that draws attention to the murders of women!

Successful director Abdullah Oğuz has accomplished a very successful job with the movie series Mezarlık (Cemetery), starring Birce Akalay. The thriller series Mezarlık, which draws attention to the murders of women in Turkey, received full marks from the audience. There is good news for those who are waiting for the continuation of the movie series.

The Mezarlık series, which consists of four films, began airing on Netflix on June 17. The audience of the series, produced by ANS Productions and Evrensel Film and produced by Evren Oğuz and directed by Abdullah Oğuz, liked the series, which tells the story of a team trying to solve the murders of women.

Those who liked the movie series very much were wondering if there would be a sequel. And the news they were waiting for came from Birce Akalay, the lead actress of the movie series. While answering the questions of the journalists, Birce Akalay stated that the second season of the Mezarlık movie series is likely to be shot, but the official decision has not been made yet.

The action, detective and thriller production, whose story was co-written by Özden Uçar, Onur Böber and Evren Oğuz, is actually an original film series consisting of 4 parts. The series, which impressed the audience with its frightening scenes, also takes a close look at the issue of femicide, which is a social wound, and gives very deep messages.

In the Birce Akalay Mezarlık series, she appears before the audience as Chief Inspector Önem Özülkü, one of the heroes of her difficult struggle with her team to find the killers who killed the women who were victims of brutal murders.

Birce Akalay has managed to attract attention with the strong female characters she has recently played with Mezarlık, which was released right after the TV series Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight).

Birce Akalay portrays a cold-blooded and very intelligent policeman in the Mezarlık, and gives life to a newscaster who has reached the pinnacle of her profession in Kuş Uçuşu.

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