Series News Good news keeps coming for the Safir series!

Good news keeps coming for the Safir series!


Safir (Sapphire) series, which continues to be broadcast on ATV screens, has managed to gain a strong place on Monday evenings. The series, which tells a good story, stars Özge Yağız, İlhan Şen and Burak Berkay Akgül.

While the ratings of the Safir series, in which all 3 young actors impress with their successful performances, continue to be good, the series has strong support in the social media environment.

The fact that the project, which is currently being shot in Cappadocia, started to attract attention abroad brought about a new process.

The sales agreement made with the Romanian television channel Antena TV greatly increased the motivation of the series’ team.

For Romanian viewers, Safir will now be a project that they can follow on screen as a brand new love story.

Following this sale at the content fair called Mipcom, it is seen as a very important development for the Safir series to step abroad.

While the series is expected to attract attention in many countries in the near future, you can already see very positive comments about the Safir series from foreign series fans on social media.

Another important development for the series was that the 11th episode, which was broadcast last Monday evening, achieved a good increase in all audience categories.

Ratings are increasing, social media interest is increasing and international sales are being made. In this environment, it is understood that the Safir series continues on its way very successfully.