Goodbye, Mehdi! Irreversible incident in the My Home My Destiny!
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3 December 2022 09:22


Goodbye, Mehdi! Irreversible incident in the My Home My Destiny!

My Home My Destiny was the scene of the moments that surprised the audience with its 24th episode broadcast on Wednesday evening! The character of Mehdi, played by İbrahim Çelikkol in the series, goes further and continues to get the audience’s reaction with what he did to Zeynep. Criticism rained on social media to Mehdi, who fainted Zeynep, who gave life to Demet Özdemir.

Dr. Quoted from Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s book compiled from real life stories, there are developments that shocked the audience in the TV series My Home My Destiny. Everyone is watching in amazement how far Mehdi has moved from his state at the beginning of the series and what he has turned into.

The dimensions of the psychological violence applied to Zeynep by Mehdi, who has turned into a diseased personality, is gradually increasing. Mehdi, who has become a feared character, fell from the eyes of the audience with his anxious course.

The screenwriters are writing an ending story for Mehdi, who still follows his ex-wife after her marriage to divorce after locking Zeynep at home, watches her every move, waits in front of her house day and night, smashes her car, keeps her passport, and starts leaving everywhere like a nightmare!

In the last episode published, the fact that the Mehdi found Zeynep, who decided to banish him for himself, in the house of Barış, sneaked in and knocked her unconscious is forgiven for nobody, it is not understandable anymore!

The viewers who liken this scene to the psychopath Halil character in the TV series The Girl Named Feriha, which left their mark on a period, are hitting Mehdi to the ground on social media.

We will watch and see what will happen after this situation where the screenwriters almost started to finish the character, but it is not even for the audience that Zeynep will forgive Mehdi after what happened. Stating that there is no acceptable side to this, the audience does not intend to forgive the Mehdi, who turned Zeynep’s life into a nightmare by saying “love, love, protection” on behalf of her.

Many viewers do not even want to think about the possibility of Zeynep’s forgiveness in the future! Where the character will go is a matter of curiosity, but Nermin, who likens Mehdi’s actions to Burhan’s behavior, is not wrong at all!

We watched an episode where the character of Mehdi is almost ending and Barış is rising. Judging by the attitude of Barış towards Zeynep and the course of Mehdi, the real boy of the series is now Barış!

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