Great support to that new series from Demet Özdemir!
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1 December 2022 05:24


Great support to that new series from Demet Özdemir!

Demet Özdemir, who is on the agenda with the character of Zeynep, who played in the TV series My Home My Destiny, shared his excitement for a new series that came to the screen with the first episode the day we passed. As it is known, the actor wanted to take a role in the drama series after the Early Bird series and he is playing the lead role with İbrahim Çelikkol in his new series on tv8.

The series that Demet Özdemir drew attention from his social media account and wished success was the Red Room series, which started broadcasting again on TV8. While Özdemir shared about another series of his own channel, he did not forget to add Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, who also wrote the story of My Home My Destiny, and the producer company OGM Pictures. Because the production company of both series is the same …

The Red Room series is a series compiled from Budayıcıoğlu’s real life stories. The series, which was screened on Friday, September 4, with its first episode, stars such as Binnur Kaya, Tülin Özen and Meriç Aral. This week’s guests of the series, in which famous names will also participate as guest actors, were Hande Doğandemir, Evrim Alasya and Salih Bademci.

The drama was on screen this week with a heavy dramatic story and two stories showing where a couple reached their happy marriage. The series, in which Binnur Kaya and Tülin Özen played the psychiatrist, was a remarkable project on the screen.

Demet Özdemir was watching the series like millions in front of the screen on the evening the series was broadcast. While the actress conveyed her wishes for success before the broadcast started, she again tried to attract attention by sharing images from the series.

Demet Özdemir has given her support to another TV series of the same channel and the same production company on social media and announced to her followers this way.

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