Artists News Great surprise to FahriyeEvcen!

Great surprise to FahriyeEvcen!


FahriyeEvcen was afraid of divorce.

FahriyeEvcen and BurakÖzçivit attracted attention with their harmonies in the productions they played together, and the love marriage ended.

It is obvious that the couple is very fortunate in terms of business and private life because of the harmony between the famous couples.

In the past days the news that FahriyeEvcen was worried that this harmony and marriage might be broken was on the agenda of the magazine.

However, it seems that BurakÖzçivit does not hesitate to exhibit very subtle behavior in order to overcome such fear of his partner.

BurakÖzçivit and FahriyeEvcen will celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage at the end of the month. BurakÖzçivit prepared a surprise for his marriage anniversary.

FahriyeEvcen and BurakÖzçiv’s crowned their marriage in June 2017 for their 3.5 year relationship.

It was heard that we were worried about the marriage of the couple in the past days.

The learned couple who received professional support for a happy marriage refused, saying, “We are very happy, we do not need it.”

BurakÖzçivit prepared a ‘Blue Cruise’ surprise for his wife FahriyeEvcen for her first anniversary.

The couple will go to the Blue Cruise on June 29th to celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage.