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4 July 2022 06:00


HazalKaya is the luckiest period of your life!

Having starred in ‘Our Story’, HazalKaya is experiencing the most successful period of his life.

After a long break in the screen, returning with an ambitious and popular production like ‘Our Story’ is a big testament to the player.

HazalKaya who developed herself during the period when she is not on the screen adds her reputation all over the world with her ‘I Named Her Feriha’ series …

She has a happy career both in Turkey and abroad as well as happy days in his love life.

HazalKaya and AliAtay are getting married!

It was learned that HazalKaya got married to actor and lover AliAtay, who had been together for five years.

The couple learned that they would soon be married to family elders and friends.

Having been with Ali Atay for a long time, HazalKaya said, “Love right now, in the most beautiful place of my life! I am pleasant, a great period for me “.

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