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7 July 2022 00:39


AsliEnver is making a mistake!

AslıEnver, ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series on the 8th of June season is waiting for the final curious.

AsliEnver’s 2.5-year relationship with MuratBoz ended 1.5 months ago.

Bride of Istanbul series will be out of the country next week to make the season final.

The actress will travel to her brother, who lives in Mexico.

It is obvious that the beautiful player is waiting impatiently for the series to finish shooting. Is not this a little strange considering the fact that the series players are living in the last period?

AslıEnver, loved by Süreyya, is sad that the audience is going to make the season finale, but she is looking forward to getting out of the busy business environment as soon as possible.

She also wrote that the last episode he posted was “Last 5 days”, which means that the last episode was counted as a day to finish.

Is not it a problem for AsliEnver to have the desire of the season to make the season final and to shoot it out?

Because a lot of players put a lot of effort into their career, and an ambitious player like ‘Bride of Istanbul’ is squeezed from the shoots in an environment where the career starts at the expense of wear and is often defeated in the ratings.

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