Great TV series opportunity that Bestemsu Özdemir got after Kara Para Aşk!
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1 October 2022 01:21


Great TV series opportunity that Bestemsu Özdemir got after Kara Para Aşk!

In recent years, the tremendous rise of Turkish TV series actors abroad continues. In this process, the increase in the interest of foreign series fans also emerges as new opportunities. Names such as Cansu Dere, Kerem Bürsin, and Burak Deniz have been getting a lot of attention abroad lately and are increasing their awareness day by day by coming together with their foreign fans at various events.

Various visits by Can Yaman after the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) TV series, followed by his search for a new career in Italy and his success in this, revealed the importance of Turkish actors’ overseas expansions. At this point, Bestemsu Özdemir had the opportunity to add a new one to her big break with the TV series Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love).

Bestemsu Özdemir, who played the character of Nilüfer in the series Kara Para Aşk, which was broadcast in 2014-2015, attracted a lot of attention in our country with such an effective project at the beginning of her acting experience, and she carried her name beyond the borders of Turkey with the series reaching large sales figures abroad.

In Bestemsu Özdemir’s next projects, works that have a foreign influence appear as Meryem series. However, the actress will find another great opportunity in the new season. Joining the cast of the new Star TV series called Gecenin Ucunda (At the End of the Night), the actress will attract the attention of foreign fans even more.

Bestemsu Özdemir will be partnering with Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül in the new series. The famous actress had the opportunity to reinforce this with Gecenin Ucunda after her big break with Kara Para Aşk years ago.

The high level of interest of foreign TV series fans towards Turkish actors gained meaning with Netflix and Disney Plus platforms turning our country into a TV series and movie production center. We can state that the Gecenin Ucunda project is of great importance for Bestemsu Özdemir in terms of being better known abroad.

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