Gülse Birsel gave the good news from her social media account; New project is on the way!
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27 March 2023 13:58


Gülse Birsel gave the good news from her social media account; New project is on the way!

Gülse Birsel, who has written the screenplays for the TV series ‘Avrupa Yakası’, ‘Yalan Dünya’, ‘Jet Sosyete’ and the movie “Aile Arasında”, is coming up with a new project.

The famous name, who left her mark on the screen and the big screen with the TV series and movies she wrote the scripts for, also signed many characters that have not been forgotten until today and have turned into phenomena. Fans of Gülse Birsel, who wrote the TV series “Jet Sosyete”, which was first broadcast on Star TV and later on TV8 and Puhu TV, have been waiting for the news of a new project from the famous name for a while.

Gülse Birsel announced the good news to her fans who were waiting to hear from her with her Instagram account. Birsel, who took a selfie at the computer and shared the photo, said, “There is no need to panic, friends. I am writing. No, because you stop and brush on the street or something, that’s why I say. I swear I’m writing, I’m not sitting idle. Yes comedy. To digital. You still have time to watch. Thanks, back to work, love,” she wrote.

The fact that Gülse Birsel, who avoided giving details about the project, covered the computer screen with her hand did not go unnoticed. Birsel had asked her fans, who were waiting for a script from her, to be patient with the following words. “I see the calls ‘Gülse Birsel to duty!’ everywhere, I am proud, but establishing the universe of a TV series or a movie is not rushed, I ask for patience.” In fact, with these words, Birsel gave clues that she had a project she was working on, and she thought that the time had come when she detonated the bomb on her social media account. The viewer now has to be patient a little more.

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