Güzel Köylü | Subject - Cast - Trailers - Episodes - Video (Turkish TV Series)
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Güzel Köylü | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

Güzel Köylü is a family and romantic comedy Turkish television series produced by Gold Film, directed by Mustafa Şevki Doğan and written by Baykut Badem, Filiz Ekinci and Berk Can Doğan.

Güzel Köylü, starring Ali İpin, Esin Civangil, Özlem Tokaslan, Deniz Baytaş, Aylin Kabasakal, Ömür Özdemir, Eylül Demirpehlivan, Toygan Avanoğlu, became a popular TV series … Published with. Interest in the series continued for a long time.

Channel: Star TV
Producer: Gold Film
Genre: Family- Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 25, 2014 – June 15, 2015
Venue: Muğla- Istanbul
Duration: 120 minutes
Starring: Gizem Karaca, Berk Cankat, Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Zerrin Sümer, Erkan Sever, Simge Selçuk.
Cast: Ali İpin, Esin Civangil, Özlem Tokaslan, Deniz Baytaş, Aylin Kabasakal, Ömür Özdemir, Eylül Demirpehlivan, Toygan Avanoğlu, Uğur Biçer, Su Kutlu, Can Kıran, Tolga Ortancıl, Kerim Yağcı, Sinem Dağlı, Volkan Baş, Ege Şarman, Zeynep Şahin, Osman Bayar, Merve Oflaz, Alaaddin Durdu, Meltem Ören, Arif Erkin Güzelbeyoğlu.


During its publication, the social media accounts of the series were actively used. Trailers from all accounts, photos from the series and various information were shared. You can find both short scenes and all episodes and trailers on the Youtube channel.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/guzelkoylu_dizi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guzelkoylugoldfilm/
Facebook: https://tr-tr.facebook.com/GuzelKoyluGold
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2e6TQ6gn_xd1VIGlM6x7Uw
Official website: https://www.startv.com.tr/video/arsiv/dizi/guzel-koylu


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Güzel Köylü series, in which an entertaining love story from Istanbul to Muğla is told, was loved by the audience in 2014-2015 when it was broadcast and became one of the unforgettable Turkish TV series. Güzel Köylü, which started as a summer series, was very popular and continued in the winter and did not fall from the top of the ratings for 42 weeks. The story of the series, which started with Gül, who grew up as a city citizen, got tired of the busy pace of Istanbul and came to a small Aegean town, gave the audience fun moments in each episode.


Tired of the complexity of Istanbul, Gül (Gizem Karaca) thinks that she wakes up again to an ordinary day, unaware that she will experience many unfortunate events and that her life will change. But setbacks haunt her. First, she learns that an important cargo she sent has gone to the wrong place. Then she tells her boss that she is in the company and hits the car she is in from behind. Her boss is very angry with her. The next day passes even worse. Her phone falls in milk, her tablet falls to the ground, milk is spilled on her dress, she gets her fiancee’s car pulled out, she’s late for work again, misses an important meeting and gets fired. Moreover, her friend betrays her.

In Güzelköy, Sultan Ana (Zerrin Sümer), her sons Hüsnü (Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan) and Yusuf (Ali İpin), who learned that she had a major illness and could die, immediately set eyes on her property. Sultan Ana said that she would leave the fields to Yusuf and the animals to Hüsnü. But neither side was very happy with this decision. Hüsnü comes up with a plan. His eldest son Cemal (Berk Cankat) get marry with Kamuran (Esin Civangil), one of Yusuf’s daughters, and become a partner in the fields. Cemal, on the other hand, sees Kamuran only as a friend and does not want to marry her. He is not in love with her, but wants to have a love match. But his parents don’t seem to have much intention to give up on this.

Kamuran makes a list of the things he will buy from him for the wedding and tells him to go to Istanbul and get the ones on the list. Cemal comes to Istanbul. But seeing that the shops are closed, he takes a nap in his car. When he wakes up, he sees that his car is being towed and there are a lot of people everywhere. On the other hand, he searches for Gül to deliver an important letter, but he cannot find her. Gül goes to talk with her fiancee Kaan (Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu) after bad events. This indifferent attitude of her enrages the young woman and drives her resentment out of her. She goes to the house of her sisters Nihal (Simge Selçuk) and Sude (Su Kutlu) with a great anger.

Nihal tells her that a young man, namely Cemal, has brought her a letter. There is a photo of a petty officer in the letter. Nihal tells Gül that her grandfathers are also non-commissioned officers and that Mother Sultan may indeed be her grandmothers. But Gül doesn’t believe it. On the other hand, she realizes that she is upsetting Kaan and goes to her house to apologize to her. But he catches Kaan with a woman. When Kaan said that he did not want to marry her, she got furious and threw the engagement. On her way back to Muğla, Cemal sees a woman crying on the way and tries to comfort her. Learning that she is from Güzelköy, Gül finds the solution by going there. When she arrives, she sees that a wedding has been held.

Cemal, sitting at the wedding table with Kamuran, surprised everyone and says “No”. Yusuf is furious. Gül is very startled by this scene she sees. Muhtar Niyazi (Erkan Sever) takes her to Sultan Mother’s house. The Sultan says that Gül is not her granddaughter. Gül does not get rid of trouble in the village, either. She wants to go to Istanbul after her experiences. Cemal does not want the woman he is in love with to return home. Niyazi’s insistence is useless. On the way out, she sees Kaan in front of her and decides to stay in the village. Like Gül, Kaan stubbornly decides to become the village dentist and events unfold.


Actor (Character)

Gizem Karaca (Gül Sümbül Alkan) previously lived in Istanbul and became Kaan’s fiancee. But thinking that Kaan is cheating on her, she breaks the engagement and comes to Muğla. She starts living here with her grandmother and gets to know Cemal. She falls in love with сemal at first sight and eventually marries him.

Berk Cankat (Cemal Alkan) is the oldest children of Hüsnü and Dudu. He’s handsome and just as smart. He falls in love with Gül at first sight. Although Kamuran shows interest in him, he does not face hen and sees her as a friend. Gül does not like her ex-fiancee Kaan very much.

Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu (Kaan Yontar) is Gül’s fiancee. He is a dentist. Seeing her a week before the wedding with another woman, Gül thinks he has been cheated on, throws the engagement and goes to the village. Kaan, who is preparing to go to Africa, immediately goes after her when he learns that Gül is in Güzelköy. He tries to prove to Gül that he is not deceiving her. He doesn’t like Cemal very much.

Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan (Hüsnü Alkan) is the father of Cemal, Celal and Hilal and the wife of Dudu. He has an eye on the Sultan’s property. Therefore, he wants to marry Cemal first with Kamuran and later with Gül. Although he looks tough on the outside, he is actually a loving father.

Zerrin Sümer (Sultan Yılmaz) is also the oldest in the village. She thinks Gül is her own granddaughter. She always calls her “Gül”. It is later revealed that she is indeed her paternal grandmother. Although her mind goes back and forth from time to time, sometimes she cannot stop without cunning.

Erkan Sever (Niyazi Gittigider) is the headman of Güzelköy. He is also Cemal’s best friend. Since he does not believe in love, Cemal calls him “heartless”. But he falls in love with Nihal from the first moment he sees it. He is a funny, yet intelligent man.

Simge Selçuk (Nihal Sümbül) is the older sister of Gül and Sude. She is a woman who is fond of ornaments. She works for a company that sells products over the internet. Although Niyazi and Bünyamin fall in love with her, Nihal is not aware of this.

Ali İpin (Yusuf Yaşabasmaz) is Esma’s husband. In addition, three daughters named Kamuran, Nurten and Ayten; He also has two sons named Kemal and Tarkan, and he has an eye on Sultan Mother’s property. For this reason, they always fight with Hüsnü.

Esin Civangil (Kamuran Yaşabasmaz) is the middle daughter of Yusuf. She is in love with Cemal. That’s why she doesn’t want to lose him to Gül and that’s why she doesn’t like her very much. She makes interesting plans to get Cemal, but all of them backfire she. She is a primary school graduate.

Özlem Tokaslan (Dudu Alkan) is the wife of Hüsnü. She loves him and her children, even though she sometimes stubborn with her husband.

Deniz Baytaş (Esma Yaşabasmaz) is the mother of Nurten, Kamuran and Ayten. She is Yusuf’s wife. She is a smart woman.

Aylin Kabasakal (Nurten Yaşabasmaz Kalas) is the eldest daughter of Yusuf and Esma and the wife of Bünyamin. She makes many plans to bring Kamuran and Cemal together, but none of them work. She doesn’t like her husband very much. She is furious when her ex-boyfriend Niyazi learns that he is interested in Nihal. She is a cunning woman.

Ömür Özdemir (Hikmet) is a lonely man living in the village. The people of the village see him as crazy because he exhibits strange attitudes and addresses him as “the Wisdom of God”.

Eylül Demirpehlivan (Ayten Yaşabasmaz) is the sister of Kamuran and Nurten. She is in a secret relationship with Celal.

Toygan Avanoğlu (Bünyamin Kalas) is Nurten’s husband. He loves his car, which he calls “Piece of Fire”. He usually hangs with his father-in-law Kemal or Tarkan. He is a very funny personality. He doesn’t like Niyazi very much.

Uğur Biçer (Sıddık Karabacak) is the friend of Niyazi and Cemal, the tea maker of the village.

Su Kutlu (Sude Sümbül) is the younger brother of Nihal and Gül. The computer does not stand up and lead an asocial life. Therefore, she has difficulty in getting used to the village. She is in love with Celal. Kemal is also in love with her.

Can Kıran (Kemal Yaşabasmaz) is Kamuran’s brother. He is in love with both Hilal and Sude.

Tolga Ortancıl (Celal Alkan) is Cemal’s brother. He loves Ayten very much and has a secret love affair with her.

Kerim Yağcı (Mansur) is the folk singer of the village, his voice is beautiful.

Sinem Dağlı (Hilal Alkan) is Cemal’s sister.

Volkan Baş (Hayati) lives in the village. It usually appears in coffee. Kaan lives in his house.

Ege Şarman (Tarkan Yaşabasmaz) is the youngest children of Yusuf and Esma. He often hangs with Bünyamin and makes him clumsy and annoy him. He is in love with Sude.

Zeynep Şahin (Seval) is Kamuran’s friend. Both Sıddık and Hikmet are in love with her.

Osman Bayar (Osman) is the butcher of the village.

Simge Selçuk (Aynımah Dinler) is Bünyamin’s psychiatrist. She looks a lot like Nihal.

Merve Oflaz (Oya) is Kaan’s friend. She is a journalist. She collected information about the village and wrote it in her newspaper.

Alaaddin Durdu (Alaaddin) lives in the village. It usually appears in coffee.

Meltem Ören (Banu Yontar) is Kaan’s sister. She has an animal phobia. She does not like village life.

Arif Erkin Güzelbeyoğlu (Fırat Dinler) is the former lover of Mother Sultan. He is also the grandfather of Aynımah. He is a retired non-commissioned officer.


The shootings of the Güzel Köylü series were made in Muğla and Istanbul. Marmaris, the favorite tourism center, hosted some scenes of the last episode of the series shot in Bozöyük village of Muğla’s Yatağan district. The popularity of the region where the series was filmed caused an influx of tourists for a period and became one of the most popular residential areas.


Güzel Köylü Generic Music

Güzel Köylü Generic Music

Güzel Köylü TV Series Music


The first trailer of the Güzel Köylü series was broadcast on Star TV and the social media accounts of the series in May 2014. The first images aroused the audience’s curiosity.

First Introduction:


The series Güzel Köylü started as a summer series on Star TV on June 25, 2014. The series, which was followed by a wide audience during its publication, made its final with its 52nd episode, which was broadcast on June 17, 2015.

You can watch all the episodes of the Güzel Köylü series on the official Youtube page.


The behind-the-scenes footage of the series, which was shot in Muğla and Istanbul, was also broadcast on the youtube channel from time to time. The harmonious cooperation between the technical team and the actors did not go unnoticed in the behind-the-scenes footage of the series, which locks the audience on the screen with its warm, sincere and funny story.

Güzel Köylü Behind The Scenes

Chapter 44 Behind the Scenes

Chapter 48 Behind the Scenes


You can watch some of the unforgettable scenes of Güzel Köylü series below. You can find all the other scenes of the series on the Youtube official page.

Bünyamin, Who Receives a Cow Instead of a Car

English of Bünyamin, Who Seeing Tourist Girls

Good News from Kamuran!

Shall We Spend The Night Together?

Gül Wants Cemal From His Father!

Heart to Heart

Bünyamin’s Trousers Rebellion

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