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5 July 2022 12:37


Half Thai, Half Turkish! Here is the popular series

She plays Rachel character on a A Little Murder TV series.

You will be surprised to learn about his real profession!

She, who introduces himself as half Thai, half Turkish .

Aylin Engör, who attracts attention with his beauty, real estate counseling

She was born in 1991. Aylin Engör, who had previously played in the Firuze and Galip Dervis sequences, is 160 cm in height and 48 pounds.

Aylin Engör graduated from Beykent University Acting Department.

Later, she received diction training at Başkent Academy of Communication Sciences.

Aylin Engör, who received an interview and tutorial training, also developed herself by studying acting.

Aylin Engör is a real estate consultant.

Yoga also deals with pilates, tennis and fitness.

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