Mert Fırat returns to the tv series!
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30 September 2022 08:25


Mert Fırat returns to the tv series!

The famous actor Mert Fırat took part in the A Little Murder series, which had to make an early final in the beginning of the 3rd season in 2018, with the character of Serhan. He, who has been away from the screen for 1.5 years, is preparing to return to the series again.

Preparations are continuing for the new series prepared for Star TV by O3 Media for Good Days and Bad Days. It was revealed that the leading actress of the series was Seda Bakan. Seda Bakan last played a role in the series Wings of Love in 2017. She, who became pregnant and brought her daughter Leyla to the world, focused on her career again.

Mert Fırat became Seda Bakan’s partner in the series. It is curious to see how the two will adapt.

The meeting of two famous names in this important series of Star TV, which was prepared ambitiously for the new season, also excited its fans.

Fans, who think that Seda Bakan and Mert Fırat will be a good series couple, are eagerly waiting for the production named Good Day and Bad Day.

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