How did Elçin Sangu and Barış Arduç meet in the Love for Rent series?
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3 February 2023 09:31


How did Elçin Sangu and Barış Arduç meet in the Love for Rent series?

The Love for Rent series marked a period. The adventure that started on Star TV on June 19, 2015 ended with its 69th episode on January 20, 2017. The project, which continued for 2 seasons, attracted great attention abroad. The rest of the Love for Rent series was an awesome magical series. It was also revealed who was behind the scenes, which enabled the characters of Defne and Ömer to become phenomena.

Ümmü Burhan, who is one of the producers of Karga Seven Pictures, is known as the person who brings together two famous actors in the Love for Rent series. The famous director and producer who participated in the Instagram live chat program told for the first time what happened behind the scenes of the series.

Expressing how Elçin Sangu and Barış Arduç found and how they felt their energy held, She made a great contribution to the success of the much loved Love for Rent series. Ümmü Burhan explained the details that fans of Love for Rent series wondered with these words:

Ümmü Burhan: “While Love for Rent series is working, this happens in every project, a lot of cast is spoken, who is said to be the most suitable. I met and loved Elçin a long time ago, she did not have a project on the screen yet. We met as a music graduate. I loved the normal energy of Elçin, I liked it very much. It was so hot, so energetic, so so good. Then I watched it in such a passing time. It looks so beautiful. Later, other projects were made to her. For some reason, there were distant, stationary, heavy women and heavy girls in those projects. Then a new project of Elçin was finished. She wants it so much. I thought she overlapped the girl written in the script. Elçin even said, “Are you sure this girl is me?” I said “you are one hundred percent this”. It contained everything of madness, courage, fun, intelligence. I have not seen Barış before, like everyone else. I saw Barış in the movie of Gupse (Özay), I liked he very much. He had a very strange fragility in his eyes. He had something very naive and sad. There was something in the eyes of Barış, and I felt it when I met. They both suited wonderfully together. They became good partners. ”

Umm Burhan stated that since Yeşilçam, the couples that people want to see together have been accepted more in projects. In fact, Elçin Sangu did not accept it when the offer from the Love for Rent series came. However, Umm Burhan, who intervened, managed to convince the famous actress.

In an interview in 2017, Elçin Sangu explained the following details about the acceptance process of the Love for Rent series:

“At a time when I took a break and wanted to rest, there was an offer for Rent Love. It was a summer drama and I wasn’t involved in the romantic-comedy project before. But luckily my path crossed with Umm Burhan. After rejecting the offer for the second time, she got together with me and looked at the character of Defne from a very different angle, and thanks to her I accepted the role. Good thing I did too. ”

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