Artists News Halil İbrahim Ceyhan praised his partner Melisa Döngel in the TV series Kirli Sepeti!

Halil İbrahim Ceyhan praised his partner Melisa Döngel in the TV series Kirli Sepeti!


Many TV series fans are stuck with the Kirli Sepeti (Laundry Box) project, which airs on Sunday evenings. The project, whose ratings continue to be good and has a stable chart, achieved this success with the efforts of a large cast.

Melisa Döngel and Halil İbrahim Ceyhan are among the successful actors of the series.

This new series couple, which is talked about a lot on social media due to their being partners in the story, is among the most remarkable partners of the recent period.

Although the viewers of the Kirli Sepeti series shared very negative comments about the character of Aylin, played by Melisa Döngel, they are happy with the harmony of the two young actors.

The duo, who successfully portrayed the characters of Aylin and Murat, were the guests of Hakan Gence, one of the writers of Hürriyet newspaper, on his program on YouTube.

After Halil İbrahim Ceyhan shined with the daily TV series project called Emanet, he now found a good role in a challenging project such as Kirli Sepeti, which meets the audience on Fox TV, one of the mainstream television channels.

The actor, who continues to climb the career ladder rapidly, stated that he and his partner Melisa Döngel got along very well on the set and made the following statement:

“When I first saw Melisa, she always had that energy. I thought there would be a coldness since I had never met her, but Melisa welcomed me as if we had known each other for 40 years. That energy felt very good, I felt relaxed and realized that she was someone I could work with comfortably. After that, it progressed very well, our energy is very good and our partner energy is also very good.”

Halil İbrahim Ceyhan stated that his partner is known differently on the screen, but he is a completely different person in the private sphere and gave the following praise:

“Really, Melisa is a completely different person. She is a completely different person in a positive sense. You feel relieved when you see Melisa on the set. There is nothing to be demoralized about, but sometimes people can go to the set in a low mood. They can see 25 percent of Melisa on the screen. “There is a completely different potential here.”