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6 July 2022 03:15


Halit Ergenç missed so much, he decided to go back!

Halit Ergenç, one of the sought-after names in TV series and movies, was on Star TV screen with the latest Babel series. The project ended as of the 20th episode. After the series finale, Halit Ergenç fans began to wonder what to do.

The famous actor used expressions criticizing his colleagues who said that the series should also be taken seriously and that he did not take his acting seriously. The actress, who participated in the interview organized by the Sabancı University Theater Club on the Instagram account of the university, made praiseworthy expressions about the theater.

Stating that the theater is a very magical atmosphere and that he misses to be on the stage, Halit Ergenç underlined that he has not enjoyed such great pleasure in any other project.

Stating that he wanted to take part in theater projects, the actor said, “I miss, if you ask if you will do something, I don’t know, but I want it. We will see, it will happen in time, I hope ”.

Underlining that he received some theater offers during his series, Halit Ergenç stated that he could not accept it because it was busy and that it was very difficult to do anything on the stage due to the pandemic, even though he was idle now.

The player said, “We will see, but I want. Because it’s an incredible feeling, it doesn’t compare to anything else, ”he said. Expressing that he loves every aspect of acting, Ergenç added that he feels glorious for being able to do this job and that he does not want to do any other job.

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