Haluk Bilginer's admiration exploded in the Sıcak Kafa series! Here is Osman Sonant's confession!
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3 February 2023 14:00


Haluk Bilginer’s admiration exploded in the Sıcak Kafa series! Here is Osman Sonant’s confession!

Osman Sonant, who plays the leading role in the Netflix series Sıcak Kafa (Hot Head), suddenly became a hot topic when he gave a very successful performance in a very different story.

Partnering with Hazal Subaşı in the Sıcak Kafa series, Osman Sonant was born in 1979 and has been performing impressively on the sets since 2006. Osman Sonant, who proved that he can play very impressive drama roles with the character of Kerim in the Ufak Tefek Cinayetler TV series, as well as comedy roles such as I Miss You and Beş Kardeş, is a name who has played different roles in many projects.

Osman Sonant, who has become a phenomenon with the character of Yavuz in the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun, and also takes part in new versions on the digital platform called Exxen, can strongly reflect the emotions of very different characters to the audience.

That’s why, after his comedy role in the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun, his drama performance in the dystopian TV series Sıcak Kafa was instrumental in revealing Osman Sonant’s talents.

His friends in the series; Answering questions from the audience on Onedio’s youtube channel together with Hazal Subaşı, Gonca Vuslateri and Şevket Çoruh, the actress explained the difference of working with Haluk Bilginer.

Explaining how important an actor Haluk Bilginer is, who is included in the story in the fifth episode of the Sıcak Kafa series, Osman Sonant said that he created a character by working hard for 2 months, but he surprised himself by adapting very well to the role in Haluk Bilginer’s first scene.

Osman Sonant explained the difference to Haluk Bilginer with these words: “For 2 months, Haluk brother did not have scenes in the first period. Then he came to the set, we have been dealing with it for two months, we are in it for days now. We are fully adapted to the new. But Haluk came, got dressed, messed up his hair, did his make-up, the camera was in front of him, he stopped and it happened. It was amazing to watch this. I told him that too. That was the part that impressed me the most.”

Haluk Bilginer, who impressed all the actors on the set, met with the audience as a linguist in the story of the Sıcak Kafa series. The images also tell how well Haluk Bilginer is holding up in this character, who is the only person who can get rid of a disease of insanity transmitted by talking.

Osman Sonant also gave a strong message when asked by the audience about what he would do if he had the opportunity, saying, “If I could turn anger into a little love, I would be happy”.

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