Artists News [Hande Ercel] posed first

[Hande Ercel] posed first


[Hande Ercel] latest news …

Actress was criticized very much by the festival poses but it was the first in the poll!

Turkish beauty also flocked to the Coachella festival in the US state of California and showed themselves.

SeymaSubasi, HandeErcel and Hadise showed that they shared the photos they shared with the festival.

Hadise and SeymaSubasi were not so assertive as to HandeErcel’s brave poses.

It turned out that which of the celebrities who shared lots of social media accounts was the ‘Coachella festival star’.

‘The star of the Coachella festival, which is famous Turkish?’ Survey of 5 thousand 819 people who participated in HandeErcel said. 37 percent of women and 43 percent of men chose to play.

Hadise was the second with 26 percent, and SeymaSubasi with 25, the third.