Hande Erçel's mother's pain does not stop!..
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1 February 2023 12:26


Hande Erçel’s mother’s pain does not stop!..

The series “Sen Çal Kapımı” broadcast on Fox TV made its finale, but the love between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, the lead actors who met on the set of the series and started to fall in love, continues at full speed.

After the series finale, the duo, who took a vacation for a while, started sports as soon as they returned to Istanbul. The couple spends most of their free time together. According to the news of Onur Aydın from Habertürk; The duo was reflected in the lenses while leaving the gym in Etiler. Erçel and Bürsin, when they saw the journalists at the exit, proceeded to their vehicles. After leaving the venue, the duo said “We are sweaty now, let’s talk later” and got into their cars.

At that time, it attracted attention that Hande Erçel’s phone screen shot with her mother Aylin Erçel. Erçel’s mother, Aylin Erçel, who was treated for cancer, died in 2019. Hande Erçel, who was deeply affected by the loss of her mother, said in a statement at that time that she was trying to get through the difficult days she lived through by working.

Erçel said, “I don’t prefer to talk, of course. But saying nothing feels like ignoring. My days are spent experiencing the deep pain inside me, trying to learn to live with it. I’m holding on to life by working. And of course my father and my sister are my biggest support. An indescribable feeling, God forbid anyone experience it. I miss her so much”, she expressed her deep sadness for the loss of her mother.

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