Canan Ergüder's treatment is over! When will the actress return to the sets?
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4 February 2023 19:12


Canan Ergüder’s treatment is over! When will the actress return to the sets?

Talented actress Canan Ergüder appeared before the audience with the character of “Feris” in the TV series “Menajerimi Ara”, which was broadcast on Star TV. The famous actress, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while the series was continuing, had to leave the series due to her treatment.

Canan Ergüder, who started her treatment in this process and kept her followers informed about the treatment process on social media, lost her hair due to the chemotherapy she received. The actress was also on the agenda with the colorful wigs and bandanas she wore in her hair. Canan Ergüder has recently been reflected in the lenses without a wig.

Canan Ergüder, who was displayed in Nişantaşı after leaving the hospital, gave information about her health status to the members of the press. Ergüder said, “I am fine, I am healthy. I’m making an effort to come back.” she said.

It was seen that the actress, whose hair lost due to the treatment, started to grow again, was in good spirits. Answering the questions of the journalists, the actress said, “I had my examinations done, I am fine, I am healthy. I’m trying to come back. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy finished. After that, there is a check-up every six months. It’s not a finished process, it’s a controlled process.” used the phrases.

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