Artists News Hande Soral: ‘I am in a peaceful period’

Hande Soral: ‘I am in a peaceful period’


Hande Soral married Ismail Demirci four months ago, “Nothing has changed. We have passed our ring from the right finger to the left.” she said,

The actress said it was a peaceful, clear and enjoyable time.

Hande Soral said she did not dream too much.

Hande Soral, who spoke to the Milliyet newspaper, recently took part in the Unnamed tv series.

Soral said, “” I was not interested in our new home while the anonymous people continued, I am interested in a family of children, and I was not too far away from business life in the meantime.

Regarding his participation in a project again, she said, “First of all, the script must impress me, I want to work in a scenario that will excite me when I read it.”

Hande Soral also finds herself lucky about the projects she is involved in.

Video: Hande’s wedding ceremony: