Artists News Hande Soral who turns the head of men

Hande Soral who turns the head of men


The Nameless were involved in the Handan role in the TV series.

March 8 World women’s day before the famous actress was found.

Hande Soral, “We have equal rights and freedoms with men. We can do every profession, we can take what we want, we can get every education, we can go everywhere we want, ” she says.

Will you do the psychoanalysis of the series industry and the series audience? Why do audiences love which series, why do they keep the series, why not?

This is a major sociological research topic … I wish I could not know which series or why, but as many producers can not predict, there is not a very predictable answer to this problem. My only observation is that I can say that series are ‘fashion’ based on their genre. For example, the story of the Black Sea, action or village series …

Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

I enjoy playing acting right now, I want to do my profession for many years but I do not know what life will bring.

You want to become an expert psychologist, so why should players see psychologist support?

Not only the players, but everyone who needs it needs psychological support. I think that specializing in the field is a productive way, just like in athlete psychologists …

What does this support change in the life of the players?

In psychological sense, every person has a special situation. Therefore, the reflection of this support to the lives of the people changes according to their needs …

You have done a psychology internship at Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital, what kind of experiment did it add?

The internship I made was part of my education and I worked with many different groups besides it, the contribution of all is different. I can say that both education and acting are different contributions to life. ‘Human recognition’ is an indispensable blessing for both.

How do you treat yourself in a bad mood?

I am not a very bottom-up person, I do not have a very variable mood. I am usually a happy person, and I do everything to be happy. When I feel bad myself, I try to get rid of the emotion that causes it …

How does it feel to be a celebrity, is it feeding you or bothering you?

There are different challenges as well as being a very nice part of being a recognized person. It’s part of the job that we do, we have to accept it, then it’s not uncomfortable.

The terms of the series are criticized by many players. Do you have rules when you start a lane?

Both myself as well as my work is healthy may be the name of my time going on what I want of course … the difficulties of drawing sequence conditions in Turkey, a fact now everyone knows … Long working hours at intends to sleep in order to stay physically and mentally healthy should not be a luxury or rules, I think.

How much of your success do you owe to your beauty, to what luck and what do you owe to your ability?

I think that the success depends primarily on the will. Beauty, talent and luck can be effective, of course, but you can not unintentionally succeed.

Do you have any future concerns?

Of course there are issues that I am curious about the future, not anxiety.

Violence and harassment against women are increasing day by day, and new laws are on the agenda. How to fight against violence and harassment

This struggle, at its most basic, begins when we raise our children at home. Every child we raise will be an adult. We should teach the value of man, equality of men and women, strength, weakness and morality at home. This subject is very sensitive and makes me very sad as it is everywhere. But let us not forget that those who commit this crime are giving birth to a mother. So the struggle; starts with every child born. Of course deterrent punishment should be given and what should be done now to get ahead of this crime. The new generation that scares me, grows … In order to prevent this problem in the long term, the families have to be conscious first.

What advice would you give women for strength?

The woman is always so strong, she should not forget it. We have equal rights and freedoms with men. She can do every profession, every education, everywhere she wants, every hour she wants. We need to trust ourselves first.

How did you understand that Ismail Demirci is the “right” man to marry?

When I first saw it, I knew I would marry Ismail. I do not know why, I just felt so.

What did marriage change in you?

Our marriage was with the wish to set up a family. We took this first step, hopefully we will become a crowded family.

Did you come up with rules like “I play in the stages of sex and kissing” after I got married?

It never happened. My partner is an actor and we respect each other’s decisions.

Do you want to be a mother?

Motherhood is a very special responsibility for me and I feel very different for a woman … Yes, of course I want to be a mother too.