Hande Soral's busy day!
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2 October 2022 09:57


Hande Soral’s busy day!

Famous actress Hande Soral, who was recently included in the cast of the Bitter Lands, is shuttling between Adana and Istanbul. Like other actors, Hande Soral, who comes to Istanbul on holidays whenever possible, spends most of the week in Adana for filming.

Nobody could reach the weekend traffic! Hande Soral, who is married to İsmail Demirci, does not meet with him very often, as her husband is in Ordu for the North Star series.

Trying to coincide with the holidays, the two meet in Istanbul from time to time at the same time. Soral’s traffic on Saturday made even her followers dizzy!

There may be those who think that the actress’ post on her Instagram page is a joke, but the actress actually had an interesting situation when she was going to Adana on the same day.

The actress drank her morning coffee in Istanbul, as she explained in her sharing. Later he went to Adana by plane and shared a photo of him drinking turnip juice there.

“Morning coffee in Istanbul, noon turnip in Adana, where is dinner let’s see?” It was understood that the actress who wrote, returned to Istanbul in the post she made at 18:33 in the same day! The actress dropped the note “Istanbul for dinner” for the photo she shared from the airport.

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